California Academy of Sciences


How to get discounts & What to see and do at California Academy of Sciences

It is not every day that you get to explore and enjoy the natural habitat together with your family in this world of science.

California Academy of Sciences discount tickets
Luckily for you, there is just but one place in San Francisco that has a national historical museum, together with an aquarium, and a planetarium all with beautiful serenity to explore and experience.

Our aim as the California Academy of Sciences is to provide you with a holistic view of the ecosystem as a whole.However, we don’t just provide you with the display shows and exhibits but have rather interactive activities to engage both the children and adults. The whole exercise will involve live experiments and a vivid analysis of the environment in California.

The events that occur on a daily basis are listed below:

  • Live science experience
  • Penguin feeding
  • Planetarium exhibits
  • Operation whale-rescue
  • 3D Earth: Rainforest
  • On Roof Pollination (depending on the weather status)
  • Coral Reef Diving Exhibit (world’s biggest live exhibit)
  • Live chatting with Sea Explorers
  • Project counters (live display shows about oceans and their importance )
  • Snake encounter experience
  • Alligator and the swamp live shows


What to see?

California Academy of Sciences has an environment that is best for the visiting families. All the members of the families both the adults and the children get the best experiences and develop memories worth remembering. The live activities and the frequent interactive sessions help keep the children interested and involved in the museum. It’s important to depict that; there is a thrill in being able to find all the best nature’s sites all under one roof.





The sites to visit while at California Academy of Sciences are:

Morrison Planetarium

Morrison Planetarium is a 100 percent recycled steel; perfect built dome with a 75-foot projection screen; to display the best pictures of our planet, galaxy, and the universe as a whole.The shows are supported by scientific data, with visualizations from the recent findings, theories, and discoveries of the Universe.

Kimball National History Museum

The academy had a mission to sustain life, explain it, and explore life itself. There are exhibits which explain the process and the patterns of evolution. The academy also shows how one can protect the natural diversity; this being an important vision of the academy to educate the next generation still to come. The academy has two live experiment sections, them being: the Project Lab and the Science in Action.

Osher Rainforest

The three levels of rainforest are found displayed inside a 90-feet high dome structure. It includes a floor for the Bornean forest, a midfloor for the Madagascan forest, and the last which is a canopy turned into the Costa Rican forest.

The view from the canopy creates a beautiful picture of the forest. This rain forest is home to more than 1600 live animals,making it more lively and thrilling for you to enjoy the whole forest experience.


Steinhart Aquarium

Renown for its Biological diversity and interactive aquariums worldwide, Steinhart Aquarium, is a home to around 40,000 animals, comprising of more than 900 varied species. With the excellent glass and the infrastructure, you can experience this under the water ecosystem and feel like you are a part of it.

Nightlife at the Academy

If you are a night person, then this is the best time to visit the California Academy of Sciences. The entire museum is beautifully lit with different colorful lights which give an incredible feeling to the visiting individuals and families.

California  Academy of Sciences Discount Tickets – 2 Ways to Save

There are various ways of getting California Academy of Sciences discounts. The Academy provides eight options of membership on the website,ranging from $109 (per individual) to $249 (per family). This will give you access to member-only-events and discounted prices on shopping along with behind the scene tours.

For the one-time visitors, adult tickets will be going at $34.95. The charging rates of children vary based on their age. Children the age of 4-11 years will be charged $24.95; while the charges of those from the age of 12-17 years going at $29.95.

However, if you are a frequent visitor to the Academy, then you should consider going for the membership options. The membership option will not only be cheaper but convenient to you. The family membership gives you a good discount if you are a family of two adults and two children as the individual tickets will in the long run be expensive. The benefit is that even if you visit one more time, the cost of membership will be recovered.

There is an exclusive membership for people who whose age is between 20-30 years. These individuals can join the Hive community allowing them to visit the academy at night. This option is however, open only on Thursdays between 6-10pm. There is separate booking facilities for groups of more than ten people. Nevertheless, members get a discount of $3 over the regular ticket that always goes for $15.

All inclusive pass: This is the best way to save on tickets, enjoy savings of up to 55% off admission and choose from 27 San Francisco attractions and tours including Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise Red & White Fleet, Aquarium of  the Bay , California Academy of Sciences and so much more , all for one low price.