San Francisco CityPASS Review : Is the Pass Worth It?

San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the United States from its numerous attractions like the Palace of fine arts, Golden Gate Park to a spectacular view of the golden gate bridge and scenic beauty

Of Victorian architecture. If you’re planning to visit San Francisco and have an idea of saving as much money as possible on attractions and some activities. Then you should consider buying the San Francisco Citypass and slash your sightseeing costs by up to 45% on top San Francisco attractions.

In this San Francisco Citypass review, we’ll explain how it works, what is included, who should consider it, and whether it’s a good deal for you

What is the San Francisco CityPASS?

Admission includes 4 top San Francisco attractions

Save up to 45% paying for individual tickets

Choose 2 top San Francisco attractions to visit

Valid for 9 days

The San Francisco City pass is a multi-attraction pass where you can choose to visit 4 top San Francisco attractions all for one discount price, including the California Academy of Sciences, Aquarium of the Bay, Muni& cable car, and many more.

With the San Francisco City Pass, you can save money, time and enjoy free entry into 4 top San Francisco attractions. The pass is highly recommended by top travel sites which include Viator, TripAdvisor, and many more so making it a great value for your investment

Price of the San Francisco City PASS

Adults (ages12+) $76

Child (ages4-11) $56

Price current of2021

All passes are valid for 9 days including the first day of use and you have 6 months from the date of purchase to start using the San Francisco City Pass. In addition, if you decide this is a good deal for you then purchase the San Francisco City pass to save up to 45% on sightseeing order the pass here

What is included in the San Francisco CityPASS?

California Academy of Sciences.

photo credit: Randy chic

The California Academy of Sciences is a must-see destination in San Francisco. Explore the all-digital planetarium, a four-story rain forest, natural history museum, and dive into Steinhart Aquarium one of the most bio-diverse and interactive aquariums in the world. Besides those, the academy has a lot to offer and exhibit.

The academy allows you to experience the entire universe under one living roof. With the San Francisco City pass, you will get general admission to all exhibits. You’ll also get a 15 % off at the academy store with a city pass booklet.

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Aquarium of the Bay

photo credit: Michael Fraley

This aquarium is located on the waterfront of the PIER39 of San Francisco. However, it’s one of the most visited areas in San Francisco and mostly it’s always filled with tourists. The aquarium is a very popular attraction for children and adults interested in sea life.

Walk through 300 feet of crystal clear tunnels and have a scuba divers view of more than 20,000 marine animals.

With the City pass, you will get general admission and pay away $17 for behind the scene tour all added for a one-price discount.

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Blue and Gold fleet Bay cruise Adventure

photo credit: Flickr

This is a one-hour narrated Bay cruise adventure around San Francisco’s harbor and Alcatraz Island.

You can get unobstructed views of the San Francisco skyline on board the boat and also you’ll sail underneath the majestic Golden Gate bridge in addition to that on board you’ll be offered blue and gold fleet souvenir binoculars to enjoy excellent views of the iconic San Francisco landmarks.


photo credit: Edward H Blake

Located in a new facility on the Embarcadero, the Exploratorium is an interactive museum featuring art and science. Adults and kids will love all the hands-on exhibits and are open to all ages. While there, watch as exhibits are created in the open view machine shop. Besides that, you can explore further and enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the Bay observatory.

Lastly, this museum is a great place to visit for families.

The Walt Disney family museum

photo credit : Anna Fox

If you are a Disney fan and movies you won’t skip the Walt Disney family museum. This museum is housed in a building in the presidio. View one of Walt’s greatest innovations the giant multi-plane camera that helped to create 3D effects which changed the world of animation. While you’re there, Explore contemporary interactive galleries and state of the art exhibits which feature cartoons, movies music, and more than 200 video screens. Also, enjoy daily screenings of classic Disney films.

San Francisco zoo and Gardens

photo credit: Michael Fraley

At this enormous Zoo, you can check out zebras, kudus, penguins and see gorillas up-close. There are lions, bears too. From a children’s zoo where the little ones learn and connect to the natural world. They feed and pet farm animals this means there is guaranteed fun for all ages.

In addition to that, they will have a chance to explore an insect zoo plus a walk through an interpretive nature trail.

Alcatraz Island Tour

This one isn’t part of the top pass offers and is not directly included but you have the option to replace the Blue and Gold fleet bay cruise adventure. Most importantly adding the Alcatraz day tour does not change the price of the San Francisco City Pass.

Cable cars and Muni transport

The muni tickets make transportation all over the city and attractions very accessible.

You have an option to use muni mobile tickets right from your smartphone.

In addition to that, you can buy tickets for the whole family right from your smartphone. Including muni with your, Citypass will save you tons of money and be able to ride the cable cars multiple times.

Other benefits of the San Francisco CityPASS

Mobile pass – The San Francisco City pass is available in form of a mobile ticket option making it convenient for download to your smartphone.

No need for paper tickets just present your mobile pass at the entrance.

Valid for Nine days- The San Francisco CityPass is valid for nine days starting with the first day of use,

Having nine days to visit four attractions gives you enough time and no need to rush meaning you can

Visit the attractions at your own pace.

Skip the ticket line – With the San Francisco Citypass you are entitled to skipping the line privileges

And head directly to the entrance with your ticket. There’s no need to wait in long lines.

Who should buy the San Francisco CityPASS?

Families traveling with kids- especially under 12years and above most of the attractions included in the

Pass are family-friendly and can be fun for the kids.

Budget travelers – If you are traveling on a budget the cost of buying individual tickets at each attraction

Can cost you a lot the San Francisco Citypass can slash those costs by up to 45% saving you a lot during

Your trip.

First timers- The included attractions are top popular and are likely to be on your do list.

with The Citypass will save you tons of money on attraction entrance tickets.

Who Should Not Buy the San Francisco CityPASS

Low Budget traveler- If your sightseeing budget is much less or Nil the San Francisco Citypass won’t

Be a good fit then you gonna look for free sights.

Not interested in the included attractions – This pass includes six attractions and you can choose two

Out of the four. If you’re not interested in the included attractions, then buying the San Francisco

Citypass may not be a good option for you.

Is the San Francisco CityPASS worth it?

If you’re going to visit all the four attractions, then getting the San Francisco

CityPASS is definitely worth it. Adult pass holders who choose Exploratorium over

The Walt Disney Family Museum will save 44% on admission costs. And that’s

Pretty good

For Families, these passes are perfect because kids save a bit less and Teenagers

Less again. In addition to that, the included attractions are ideal for both children and teens.

You’ll save time and money with the San Francisco CityPASS and definitely

Making the pass worth purchasing

Lastly, if you decide to purchase the pass, you can order the SanFrancisco CityPASS here

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